Software development team led by Roman Koshchei


No more Javascript dependencies!

HTML-first components, that you can copy and paste into your apps. Zero Javascript is required for interactions. Inspired by Shadch UI and Relume Library .

All components are early stage and may change over times. But it's not a library, so you can sleep calm.

Certain components require repetitive elements, so we will provide code examples with minimal templating provided by Astro js.

The price is a testimonial and sharement online. Make a post about Flurium UI, tag @roman_koshchei or @fluriumteam.


Custom select dropdown where you can customize look of dropdown menu.


Show content of selected tab.


Carousel shows content based on selected option with slide animation.


Slider is a carousel but based on swipes and url fragment (like #...). Recommended to reach out to Carousel first if don't super need swiping.

Image Slider

Slider with images for more examples. Swipe right and left to change.

Image Slide 1
Image Slide 2
Image Slide 3